ServiceTitan Releases Award-Winning Mobile 2.0 App

ServiceTitan Releases Award-Winning Mobile 2.0 App

GLENDALE, Calif. — ServiceTitan recently released a new mobile app — Mobile 2.0 — to help technicians deliver an amazing customer experience and ultimately drive sales. The app is already receiving industry accolades, including a 2016 Stevie® Award for best business app.

“More than any innovation, mobile has the potential to completely transform the way residential contractors do business,” said Ara Mahdessian, co-founder and CEO of ServiceTitan. “Our mobile product team today is bigger than our entire company was two years ago. We are betting everything we have on mobile to drive the industry forward and set the standard for technicians to deliver an enhanced customer experience to homeowners everywhere.”

“As a residential contractor, you make more money when your techs spend less time trying to figure out what to do, and more time actually fixing the problem in the home,” said Vahe Kuzoyan, co-founder and president of ServiceTitan. “We designed Mobile 2.0 to be a powerful tool in a technician’s toolbox — you learn how to use it one time, and every time you perform the same task again, it just works. The app is reliable and easy to use.”

Through hundreds of hours of field interviews and user testing nationwide, ServiceTitan has developed a mobile application to modernize the homeowner experience while improving technician performance in the field. Mobile 2.0 delivers:

● An intuitive workflow — the app is easy to navigate and automates much of the manual data entry and paperwork inherent in home services. With Mobile 2.0, technicians can quickly access relevant information and provide immediate, customized solutions to customers when they arrive on-site. Once technicians are ready to recommend a solution, they can easily convert estimates into a beautiful presentation and physically hand over the tablet to the customer to mirror an online shopping experience. Finally, technicians can collect payments, send invoices, and close out a job directly in the app, with no paper needed.

● Higher customer satisfaction — from customer details to service history, replacement opportunities, financing status, and recommended estimates, Mobile 2.0 captures the most critical information in one place to give all technicians, no matter their level of experience, the context and confidence they need to service customers. With Mobile 2.0, technicians can address issues faster and recommend solutions that are customized to the homeowner’s needs, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction.

● Better business results — Mobile 2.0’s game-changing features help technicians complete more jobs successfully and improve sales. The app’s visual pricebook allows technicians to educate customers on the services, equipment, and material they offer, as well as communicate the value customers are going to receive. Mobile 2.0 also contains real-time scorecards with conversion rate, average ticket, total revenue, and other metrics to keep technicians accountable and motivated in hitting sales goals.

In addition to industry recognition, the app has received high praise from beta testers. “We really enjoyed our experience with Mobile 2.0. Coming from Mobile 1.0, Mobile 2.0 is sleeker and more intuitive for technicians to use. The design and features are amazing. It definitely allows for a more professional and streamlined way to sell,” said Tommy Hale, a beta tester and service manager at Metro Sewer and Drain in Chattanooga, TN.


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