Shealy Electrical Relocates Charleston Branch

Shealy Electrical Relocates Charleston Branch

Shealy Electrical Wholesalers is pleased to announce their move to a new location in downtown Charleston at 1553 King Street Extension, Suite B.

Shealy moved the downtown location for two primary reasons. First, the old location was not going to be viable long term due to the eventual sale of the property, and the location did not have adequate parking for the amount of customers and amount of business Shealy was experiencing. The old location was built around 2000 and it operated as an independent electrical supply house until 2011, when Shealy purchased the location to further service the growing Charleston market. The Ladson store is located 25 miles away from downtown Charleston, so purchasing the downtown location made sense to help serve the entire Charleston market.

Second, the old location was a very problematic building. It was two-story and in effect Shealy was only utilizing about 3000 square feet—basically, just the first floor. The new facility is 9000 square feet total. There is an abundance of parking and increased lay down yard area for our pipe. Racking was also added to handle 130-150 pallets of material for jobsite storage solutions. Since the downtown area has such a storage problem on jobsites due to the closeness of everything, the storage solutions will be a viable option for many of Shealy’s customers.

The new location will have three full-time associates on staff. Charlie Reid will be the site manager, along with the help of two other associates. We will be reintroducing deliveries at this location to help our customers manage their time better.

Shealy’s inventory will be doubling, reintroducing the deliveries through a van service. Having three associates man the facility will greatly increase service to customers. Most of Shealy’s customers do and will continue to work in downtown Charleston as the entire area continues to grow. Thanks to the new location, Shealy will be able to provide better service and response time to areas in downtown, Mount Pleasant, James Island, West Ashley, and Johns Island.


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