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SIDEBAR: 6 Types of Visual Content You Should Be Using

SIDEBAR: 6 Types of Visual Content You Should Be Using

By Bridget McCrea

Drawing from the lessons learned in “Content is King—Is Your Distributor Website Ready to Reign in 2017?“, this sidebar illustrates six examples of visual content you should be using on your e-commerce website.



Confused About Content? Try These Six Options

In 6 Types of Visual Content You Need to Use in Your Marketing Campaigns, Kissmetrics points out that 65% of people are visual learners, 90% of information that comes to the brain is visual, and presentations with visual aides are 43% more persuasive. You can turn these points into competitive advantages by incorporating one or more of the following types of content into your website:

When you split up a body of text with some compelling images, people are more inclined to finish reading what you’ve written (provided that the images are high quality and contextually relevant).

Videos are incredibly useful for presenting common problems and then showing the solutions that your product can offer.

Infographics are an excellent tool for drawing upon all of your complex data and statistics and collating them into a compelling, easily intelligible visual display.

Creating your own meme is a great way to evoke positive emotions and set yourself apart from your competitors.

Presentations serve a similar function to infographics, with a large focus on attractive design and color, thereby drawing the reader into the text.

Screenshots are very useful for backing up the claims you make in your sales content.

Click here to read the full Kissmetrics blog and the recommendations for integrating these visual elements into your website.


McCrea is a Florida-based writer who covers business, industrial, and educational topics for a variety of magazines and journals. You can reach her at bridgetmc@earthlink.net or visit her website at www.expertghostwriter.net.


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