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Sidebar: How to Enable the Sale

By Bridget McCrea

In 50 Sales Tips for 2014, Salesforce.com offers these 10 tips that sales managers should keep in mind as they strive to enable the sale:

  1. How well companies define and manage sales enablement can determine how predictable their revenue is.
  2. When you have a multi-tiered sales effort, the first thing you want to do is understand the market.
  3. For sales enablement, a critical success factor is simply understanding.
  4. Research by CSO Insights clearly shows that many teams need to get better at selling solutions, outcomes, and business value.
  5. Salespeople today are the differentiators.
  6. Develop a clear charter for sales enablement that balances strategic with operationally oriented functions.
  7. Every company has a vision. But can your sales reps clearly articulate it? Probably not.
  8. If I had a dollar to invest in a sales effort for a company, it would go to building inside sales process and execution.
  9. Organizations that consistently achieve or exceed their sales goals have a vibrant sales enablement function making strategic contributions.
  10. Responsive sellers position their people and resources with the deepest product knowledge and industry expertise closest to the customer.

McCrea is a Florida-based writer who covers business, industrial, and educational topics for a variety of magazines and journals. You can reach her at bridgetmc@earthlink.net or visit her website at www.expertghostwriter.net.

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