Siemens Launches New Training Program for Students

Siemens Launches New Training Program for Students

ATLANTA — Siemens has launched SIschool, a new training program to provide students with hands-on training in the field of low voltage electrical engineering. Siemens will provide local distribution and technical schools with residential electrical equipment that allows students to practice advanced wiring skills and become familiar with the technologies used in today’s electrical engineering field. Siemens is currently working with seven schools in states across the U.S. including New Jersey, California, Maryland, Missouri, Georgia, Texas and Minnesota with close to 200 students receiving the training over the next year.

As the electrical engineering landscape continues to evolve, Siemens is focused on building a skilled workforce for the future.  By knowing the precise combination of skills required to run its technology, Siemens is uniquely positioned to partner with schools to develop training programs. These courses will blend classroom instruction with practical, hands-on experience with equipment.

One of the SIschool partners is North Point High School in Waldorf, Maryland where 28 electrical engineering students have been working with the Siemens equipment.

“We have students that are just starting out so this program is perfect to help expose them to all of the different places they can go,” Keith Gascon, electrical construction teacher at North Point High School. “With this technology they’re able to learn the basics and even more so they have a strong head start for the workforce.”

“The electrical engineering landscape has changed dramatically even over the last 10 years, so we need to ensure that the workforce of tomorrow is prepared,” said Barry Powell, head of Siemens Low Voltage & Systems. “By providing schools with the latest in engineering technology, students can have a true hands-on approach to learning that we hope will help develop the next generation of great American engineers.”

Close to 20 low voltage technologies will be represented in a “training wall” that includes meter sockets, load centers, breakers, and surge products.  Siemens is also supplying the schools with training curriculum, coordinating with head instructors and participating in annual seminars with students.


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