Siemens Partners with Victoria College’s Technology Program

Siemens Partners with Victoria College’s Technology Program

Siemens announced a partnership with Victoria College’s Electronics and Instrumentation Technology program, in Victoria, Texas, with a donation of eight variable frequency drives. A variable frequency drive is an electronic controller that adjusts the speed of an electric motor by regulating the power being delivered, which allows for more economical control.

“I think these drives will fill a niche that was missing in our AC/DC motor control class,” said Donald McLain, Victoria College’s electronics and instrumentation curriculum coordinator. “This will allow our students hands-on experience with variable frequency drives. I think it’s a great improvement to our program.”

“We want students brought up to the highest technology possible,” said Scott Sǿrensen, Siemens Industry Inc. target support account manager. “When we see a great program like this one offered at Victoria College, it speaks volumes to us. We really like what VC is doing. The sky’s the limit on what we can do together.”

Students that graduate from this program receive either an Associate’s Degree in Instrumentation, or a 1-year certificate for the training. The 60-70 students that enter the program each fall typically move on to careers in the petrochemical field, including the oil and gas industry which has a heavy presence in Houston.

With the opening of a new oil and gas headquarters in Houston earlier this year, Siemens’ footprint in Houston currently includes a broad range of oil and gas solutions, field service products, maintenance services for fossil-based energy and wind power, energy management, and building technologies business units.


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