Solar Companies Make Their Case for No Additional Tariffs

A solar industry described by some as “fractured” will be taking its differences to the International Trade Commission, and ultimately President Trump, to determine if tariffs are needed to level the playing field.

As we have reported on in the past, two struggling foreign-owned companies that make solar panels in the United States are asking the Commission to verify their claims that producers of solar products in the United States are harmed by low-cost imports.  A number of companies and associations deny those claims. Those companies will state their cases to the Commission, which will then make a recommendation to President Trump. The president will make his final decision before the end of the year.

SolarWorld and Suniva are the foreign-owned solar manufacturers who are looking for the tariffs, believing competition for products from China is driving prices down. The companies are asking that some products double in price so they can compete while manufacturing their products in the United States.

Companies scheduled to testify to the Commission against the tariffs include SunPower Corp, Hanwha Q CELLS Co, NRG Energy Inc, and Sunrun. Government officials from China, Korea, Mexico, and some U.S. states are also scheduled to testify.


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