Sonepar Acquires Sacchi

Sonepar announced that the family firm Sacchi, one of Italy’s leading electrical product wholesalers, should be joining Sonepar in Italy, subject to approval by Italy’s antitrust authority.

Due to its values, image, quality service, and the technical know-how of its associates—particularly in serving industrial customers—Sacchi enjoys benchmark status in Italy’s electrical wholesaling market.

Once completed, this acquisition will double the size of Sonepar’s business in Italy (Europe’s third biggest market) and will strengthen its position in Lombardy, the country’s number-one industrial market. It will also enhance Sonepar’s geographic positioning as well as logistical and technical capabilities.

As soon as the authorities have given their approval, the Sacchi and Sonepar Italia teams can begin sharing their best practices and working together to develop value-added initiatives, while maintaining their specific features and own management teams.


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