Sonepar Brand Launches in Thailand

THAILAND — Sonepar started its adventure in Thailand in 1994, under the brand DEP Engineering, providing electrical products such as switchgear, distribution cabinets, cables, wires, and lighting. In 2012, DEP joined Sonepar to continue its development and it soon became one of Thailand’s top electrical distributors. In 2014, it joined forces with ETS‐Oakwell, its onshore oil and gas expert. Since then, Sonepar’s operations have grown consistently, created more collaborations, and benefited from the knowledge and expertise of its peers.

On July 23, together with Cable Solutions, a distributor of cables for residential, commercial and industrial projects, these three companies moved forward as one, under the leading brand of Sonepar Thailand and the leadership of Country Manager, Surote Panasahatham.

The creation of this new brand is an opportunity to further unite corporate cultures around shared values and service principles, so together it can better serve current and new customers across Thailand and, internationally, more effectively and efficiently.

Sonepar CEO, Philippe Delpech said of the launch, “I would like first to thank you for the integration of the recent acquisition done in the middle of COVID-19 crisis. It is a remarkable job done by Sonepar Thailand Associates. ​

“I would also like to congratulate the recent move to unify all businesses we have in Thailand under Sonepar banner. Another sign of leadership which will help your businesses to develop faster thanks to better back office productivity and market visibility.”

More information on Sonepar Thailand can be found at www.soneparthailand.com​.

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