Sonepar makes acquisition in Brazil

Sonepar announced today that it has acquired Brazilian company Rosa Leal.

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With 12 operating companies and 16 branches, Rosa Leal is the fourth biggest name in the Brazilian market. The company had sales of €85 million in 2011.

According to a company news release, “The acquisition of Rosa Leal represents a logical step in Sonepar’s strategy of focusing investment on high-growth countries. In keeping with its overall approach, Sonepar has continued to make targeted acquisitions based on strong partnerships with local management teams.”

Sonepar has been operating in Brazil since 2001. The company now has 12 operating companies throughout the 10 Brazilian states that make up 80% of the country’s economic activity.

Sonepar is welcoming 700 Rosa Leal employees to the company. The Rosa Leal teams will be under the leadership of its founders Pompeu Rosa and Miguel Leal.

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