Sonepar Partners with ChargePoint

Sonepar Partners with ChargePoint

Sonepar and ChargePoint, a leading electric vehicle charging network operating in Europe and North America, have signed a strategic partnership in France. This partnership includes the installation of more than 1,400 charging stations across France at over 500 locations including branches, offices, and the headquarters by mid-2022.

As of December 31, 2021, 53,667 charging stations were available in France. With the addition of 1,400 additional terminals, Sonepar and ChargePoint will significantly increase the available offer. Through this partnership, ChargePoint becomes the exclusive electric vehicle charging software partner for all charging equipment installed in the Sonepar network in France.

Sonepar in France will now be able to offer all its customers a complete electric vehicle charging solution and will strengthen its position in a growing market, which is estimated to be worth one billion in sales in 2025 with 50% installations.

Jérôme Malassigne, President France and International Services stated, “By providing access to more than 1,400 electric vehicle charging stations, Sonepar offers an innovative service to its 100,000 customers and 5,000 employees. Sonepar’s French network represents a major opportunity to make a significant contribution to achieving France’s ambition for electric charging stations. This sustainable service available 24/7 will significantly reduce carbon emissions. We thank the Group for putting this partnership  with ChargePoint at the forefront of innovation, available to the Sonepar network in France.”

Pasquale Romano, CEO of ChargePoint added, “We have an established partnership agreement with the Sonepar Group globally, and we are thrilled to extend EV charging in France with our partner Sonepar. This partnership indicates the commitment between ChargePoint and Sonepar to drive the future of transportation and progress the electrification efforts of thousands of businesses throughout France.”

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