Standard Electric Supply to Expand Again With $4 Million Addition

MILWAUKEE — Standard Electric Supply Co. plans to break ground for a $4 million, 21,000-square-foot office and warehouse expansion that will connect to its current warehouse shipping and receiving docks and overlook the Menomonee River.

Within the last 25 years, Standard Electric has more than tripled in size and has expanded its reach to a regional level with 15 separate locations spanning Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana.

However, the significant growth has brought various obstacles. The most recent of those has been space. Office space and warehouse space have become more and more of a necessity as Standard Electric has continued to add additional associates and more inventory. In Milwaukee, where Standard Electric was founded, space comes at a premium due to the company’s city-central location in the Menomonee Valley and the limited availability of real estate and facilities.

Despite those factors, Standard Electric’s president, Larry Stern, has moved forward with an extensive $4 million addition to the Milwaukee office and warehouse that is already under way. And while the addition will add a much needed 21,000-square feet of space, the opportunity it presents to maintain the company’s growth is much larger.

This artist rendering gives an overview of what the Milwaukee office and warehouse addition will look like when complete.

“This will allow us the space to ultimately double the size of the company and ensure that we can stay and do business in the City of Milwaukee for years to come,” stated Larry Stern, President. “We are proud to remain in the city where my grandfather founded the business. Few family-owned businesses successfully make it to a third generation and we now know that the company will stay in Milwaukee as my children, our fourth generation, are coming into the company.”

All this comes less than two months after Standard Electric opened a new, state-of-the-art facility in the Madison, Wisconsin area. That 10,200 square-foot facility features LED lighting, training facilities and office space, but more importantly enhances the trend of growth and stability. When the Milwaukee addition is complete, Standard Electric will proudly have two new facilities that will better serve customers and suppliers in the southern half of Wisconsin for years to come. 


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