Stinson Assumes Role as CEO of Southwire

Stinson Assumes Role as CEO of Southwire

Rich Stinson has assumed the role of Southwire Company’s president and chief executive officer effective Friday, January 1.

Stinson, Southwire’s fourth CEO in its 65-year history, succeeds Stu Thorn, who led the company’s day-to-day operations for 16 years.

“Southwire is committed to sustainable growth, where it makes sense, in the global wire and cable market. Stu has done a great job of finding those growth opportunities and capitalizing on them,” said Southwire Chairman Roy Richards, Jr. “Rich brings a unique perspective on our industry, along with an intimate knowledge of our products and customers. Together, those provide strong platform from which he will lead our company as we enter a new area of delivering power throughout the world.”

A veteran of more than three decades in the electrical industry, Stinson joined Southwire on Oct. 15 as the company’s president, following his retirement in September from Eaton Corporation. There, he was responsible for a large business group with seven divisions. The group offered a comprehensive portfolio of services for every stage of a power system’s life cycle, including design, build and support.

Stinson, who earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of Pittsburgh, started his career in Westinghouse’s Manufacturing Development Program for projects in Puerto Rico. In the program, he served in multiple disciplines such as engineering, manufacturing and supply chain before joining Eaton.

There, he worked in a variety of roles, including plant manager, operations director and general manager of various facilities in the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Japan. As a vice president, he managed Eaton’s power distribution assembly, industrial controls, electrical assembly and power distribution divisions.

While at Eaton, Stinson led double-digit growth in different businesses and guided various company segments into top market positions. It was during that time that he developed a respect for Southwire’s commitment to quality and corporate responsibility.

“As a partner in the electrical industry, I observed Southwire for much of my career and grew to respect the company as a leading innovator – in products and services and in an enduring commitment to its communities,” said Stinson, who has relocated from Pittsburg to Southwire’s home base of west Georgia. “In my short time here, I have witnessed first-hand Southwire’s genuine family culture as well as its close connections with the customers and communities it serves. I look forward to working alongside the other nearly 7,000 Southwire family members as we build upon that legacy.”


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