TAMCO Group Opens New Manufacturing and Fulfillment Center

PORT ST. LUCIE, Florida — TAMCO Group (TAMCO) revealed its 411,000-square-foot fulfillment and manufacturing facility in Port St. Lucie on Tuesday, Jan. 28, making it the largest facility operated by a private business in the city. Manufacturers of private label lighting and electrical supplies, TAMCO built the new facility, located at 11675 SW Tom Mackie Blvd., to meet the continued growth of its customer base throughout North America. The building’s footprint is nearly nine acres under roof – the equivalent of more than six and a half football fields. The current expansion successfully merged the company’s operations from 222,000 square feet across five locations.

“We don’t want to only increase our operational footprint, we also want to increase how we touch this area in positive ways,” said City Electric Supply President and CEO Thomas Hartland-Mackie. “This is only the beginning of this new chapter in our history. My hope is that we’ll continue strengthening our relationships with each other, with our neighbors and with the city of Port St. Lucie and the state of Florida.”

More than 250 TAMCO Group employees and local city officials joined the momentous occasion, including Mayor Gregory J. Oravec, St. Lucie County Councilwoman Cathy Townsend, St. Lucie County Councilwoman Jolien Caraballo, and President of the Economic Development Council Pete Tesch.

Co-Vice President of Operations Frank McShane transferred from the U.K. in 1990 to lead the company to double-digit growth year over year, paving the way for increased market share leading up to the expansion. In 2005, McShane transferred to Tamlite in Port St. Lucie — which is now one of TAMCO Group’s 6 manufacturing brands — and helped bring all of the manufacturing brands under one management by creating TAMCO Group in 2014.

“Over these 30 years, I’ve seen the company evolve and grow at an amazing pace,” said McShane. “We went from six or seven original staff members just 15 years ago to now employing over 200.”

The in-house brand of City Electric Supply (CES), TAMCO, operates six divisions: Tamlite Lighting and Fusion Lamps, which manufacture lighting fixtures, accessories and lamps; and F4P, RPP, MCG and Centaur Electrical Installation, which sell electrical supplies and consumables exclusively through CES.

Co-Vice President of Operations Jordan McGinn believes that with all of TAMCO Group’s operational elements now under one roof, and with the increased space, the company can operate more efficiently and grow exponentially.

“This building is a great example of form meets function,” said McGinn. “Not only is it impressive and beautifully designed, but we also now have dedicated spaces for production, fulfillment, showrooms and office operations.”

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