Team-KE Goes Mobile 2.0

Team-KE Goes Mobile 2.0

K/E Electric Supply is proud to announce implementation of their “Mobile Dashboard” (Version 2.0). The latest version replaces a 2 year-old web site allowing employee’s access to the company’s ERP and CRM systems via mobile devices. K/E Electric’s new Mobile Dashboard was developed in house and is far more “Mobile Friendly” than its predecessor. The latest version was pretested on most popular SmartPhone and Tablet platforms.

Team-K/E continues their long-standing commitment of providing staff the broadest possible access to technology, ultimately supporting the highest levels of customer service to the market.

Mobile like real time “Item Price & Availability”, Item Specification Sheets and Customer/Vendor Information have always been available on their Dashboard. However, the most used functions of Team-K/E’s Dash revolve around the Pre-Quote and Post-Quote process. Sales Staff communicate with each other and management via an internal project follow-up system using both proactive and reactive methods. Details for ongoing projects are available at the line-item status level and are accessible from any mobile device. Status updates are predominately populated by vendor EDI transactions, followed by inside staffer input.

Assigned Sales Staff have access to their customer’s details, including A/R Balances, Sales History, Delivery Routings, Project Backlogs and Customer/Employee CRM information.

Advanced security levels provide management with extended access to Customer Activity-Based-Costing, individual Branch level productivity, as well as Employee and Vendor Report Cards.

Meanwhile, a list of “next level” improvements is already being discussed for further development. The company foresees their Mobile Dashboard platform will remain a foundation of communication between staff and its ERP/CRM systems for years to come.

During development of its latest dashboard, the company expanded the project to include two side endeavors. The first side project was an upgrade of the company’s internet access to include fiber circuits. The second project included creating an IDW/IDX Vendor Report Card, rating the quality of web content being provided to the IDEA/IDW by industry manufacturers. The company anticipates delivering these report cards to suppliers during the upcoming IMARK One-on-One sessions, at the IMARK Annual Meeting in October.



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