Team USA Wins 2014 Waterman Cup

Team USA Wins 2014 Waterman Cup

By Brian Peters, NAED

The Fourth Annual Waterman Cup was contested on Wednesday, August 20th in Milton Ontario, Canada at Rattlesnake Point Golf Club.  Team Canada was comprised of Stephen Kleynhans, Ian Rand, Bruno Ardito, and Tony Munden. While Team USA was comprised of industry veterans including Kelly Vliet, Ray Womack, Butch Mistretta, and Terry MacDonald.  After a rainy, cool start to the morning, and a very close match on the course, this year’s Waterman Cup trophy will be returning to the U.S. for this year, to be housed at NAED headquarters in St. Louis, MO, with Team USA’s match play victory of 4-1/2 to 1-1/2.

Kleynhans states, “I would like to again thank Team USA for taking the time away from office and home to come up and visit us and renew the great camaraderie that is continuing to build between us and everyone at Electro-Fed Canada and NAED. We couldn’t ask for better ambassadors from both groups.”

According to USA Team Captain Vliet, “The challenge of competition is a great feeling, however building new friendships is most important. We look forward to getting together again in 2015!”


Mistretta, Womack, Kleynhans, Rand


Ardito, MacDonald, Vliet, Munden


Ardito, Mistretta, Kleynhans, Womack, Vliet, Rand, MacDonald, Munden


Team USA Victory of the 2014 Waterman Cup. L to R: MacDonald, Vliet, Dick Waterman, Womack, Mistretta.

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