tED Chat To Focus On Contractors’ Use Of Tablets And Smart Phones

tED magazine’s tED Chat returns to Twitter on Monday, November 11 at a new time, 1pm Central.  This will give you time on Monday morning to settle back in after your weekend, and get ready to share your thoughts with others in the industry on our topic.

This month, tED is trying something different.  We went to our Twitter page and asked you for topics to “chat” about.  So we thank EMA Contractors for suggesting, “How contractors use smartphones and tablets on the job site”.  We have lined up experts to talk about websites and apps that contractors are using, and what you should have to better connect with contractors while they are in the field.  Plus, we would love to see what you are doing to build that relationship through technology.  Due to its success, we are encouraging you to offer up your topic suggestions with the hashtag #tedchat on our Twitter page.

EMA Contractors submitted their suggestion through our Twitter page, and since we picked their topic, tED magazine will be sending them a “retro” coffee mug as a prize.  If we use your topic in the future, we will send you a retro mug.



The mug is also being used as part of tED magazine’s 50th anniversary in 2014.  If you submit to tED magazine a comment on what tED Magazine has meant to you over the years, and we print it in the magazine, we will send you a mug, too.  We will include the comments in a special 50th anniversary section of the magazine that will appear every month in 2014.



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