tED Magazine Announces Dates For Contest Submissions

tED Magazine Announces Dates For Contest Submissions

As 2016 starts to wind down, tED magazine is gearing up for its awards season in 2017. We are announcing the nomination dates for the “Best of the Best” marketing and the “30 Under 35” awards.

You can begin submitting your “Best of the Best” nominations on January 16, 2017. The contest closes on February 24. Once again this year, the awards will be handed out at the NAED AdVenture Conference, which is scheduled for August 2-4 in Chicago.

This year, we will again have 14 marketing categories in the competition, including Brand Awareness, Digital/Social Media Campaign, Event, Integrated Promotional Campaign, Literature/Selling Tool, Print Ad (Single). Print Campaign, Product Launch, Public Relations/Community Outreach, Public Relations/ Corporate, Publication, Video, and Website. For the first time, we are dividing the distributor divisions to have four groups instead of three. This will allow for a more level competition among similar size distributors. And it means we will be handing out more awards. The distributor categories are: Under $100 million in revenue, $101-$400 million, $401-$700 million, and $701 and over. You can go to right now to get the information you need for this year’s contest.

The tED magazine “30 under 35” nominations will open on March 6th and close on April 7th of 2017. This will be the 6th year for our “30 Under 35”, and once again they will be recognized at the NAED LEAD Conference in Denver July 19-21. You can get details on how to nominate one of your co-workers at

One of the comments we heard about the “Best of the Best” and “30 Under 35” awards was that the nominations open after the first of the year, which is when work gets a little busy for our NAED members. We definitely understand that, but we also don’t want to take nominations for awards but not actually hand out the awards for another 8 to 9 months.

This year, we are letting you know about these important dates in November and early December as a reminder to get your nominations together now and save them in an electronic folder. Then, when the contests actually open, you will only have to move your submissions into our forms and not worry about the deadlines. We want to make sure you are not stressed or rushing your submissions, and you are giving yourself the best opportunity to be recognized.

If you do have additional questions, you can contact Publisher Scott Costa at or tED magazine editor Misty Byers at


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