tED Magazine Begins Special Issues

tED Magazine Begins Special Issues

Beginning in October, tED magazine will begin creating special issues of the digital-only magazine designed to take an in-depth look at key issues that are impacting our supply chain.

The special issues kick off with a look at the November election and how the results will impact you. tED tracked down experts in Washington, D.C. who work closely with the association, along with Ed Orlet, NAED’s Senior Vice-President of Government Affairs and Strategic Projects, and Ian Reynolds, NAED’s General Counsel, to discuss what we can expect after all of the votes are counted.

The special Election 2020 issue takes a look at the potential make-up for both the House of Representatives and Senate, how that may impact our members, and a look at other potential legislation that may be brought up for a vote in 2021.

In the following months, tED magazine will be looking at other issues, including our new reliance on e-commerce and what you will need to meet your customers’ demands in the future, what to expect once we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, a look at how Amazon has grown into an even larger online giant, and how to strategize value-added services for the future.

tED magazine is continuing its commitment to provide 24 digital issues of the magazine every year, with the first issue of the month coming out on the first, and the second in the middle of each month. As always, the first issue each month will provide national award-winning coverage of the supply chain, including a monthly cover story, columns from NAED’s President and Chair, and the regular Current, Selling, and Business sections.

Subscriptions to the digital edition of tED magazine are free. To receive an e-mail notification that a new issue is available, you can subscribe by providing your name and e-mail address after clicking here.

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