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tED Magazine To Launch New Tedmag.com

By Scott Costa, Publisher, tED magazine

So, how was your summer?

To be honest, we did the things most of you did.  We took our families on vacation.  We went to the beach, hiking, or to see old friends.

We battled some incredibly hot days and tried not to complain about it after that horribly long and cold winter.

We went to the NAED LEAD and AdVenture Conferences.

And, we were really busy at tED magazine.

Just 7 weeks after re-launching tEDtv.tedmag.com, which is our new warehouse for all of your company profile and product videos, we are excited to announce that we are not done yet.

We are re-loading www.tedmag.com with a whole new look on Monday, September 22. 

The reason is simple:  we are laser focused on the monthly edition of tED magazine.  We have every intention of continuing to bring you research results you can only get from tED magazine, in addition to best practices and the stories that matter most to you, like hiring, retaining and preparing for the future with Millennials, threats to the traditional supply chain from online and DIY companies, commodities pricing and an economic outlook focused only on this industry every quarter.

Simply put, the magazine is in great shape, and we are already planning on a great 2015 and beyond.

What the magazine does on a monthly basis, www.tedmag.com does on a daily basis. We have worked extremely hard over the past two years to create “new” content on the website every day.  We compare tedmag.com to inviting people to our home to get a look at what is happening in the industry.  Now we need a bigger home because so many of you are stopping by.

We are going to ramp up our coverage on tedmag.com to continue to bring you the information you need to get through every day.  We have built our partnership with the Associated Press to provide news from around the world on this industry, including economic reports and we will be posting stories on a monthly basis, like construction spending.  Having a partnership with the world’s foremost news gathering organization is a plus that we are passing along to you.

We are also bringing you the “latest news” from our manufacturers and distributors on a daily basis.  If you know of a hiring or a promotion, we want to know about it.  If your distributorship is expanding by opening a new branch, we want to know about it.  We will post that type of story every day as we keep you informed as this supply chain grows.

If you want exclusive “features” we have now expanded them to make them easier to find and more relevant to you.  Those will be our “you can only read this at tedmag.com” stories.  You can search for them in other places, but if you want to stay on top of the AmazonSupply threat to our supply chain, tED magazine has a writer assigned directly to that beat.  If you want to know more about succession planning or how to hire the next generation of this work force, we have a writer assigned to that.  If you want to know about the price of copper, we hired a writer named Jim Williams and told him he is now the foremost expert on what will happen next with the price. Jim has worked day and night to find the world’s most authoritative figures on copper pricing, and he writes a new column for tedmag.com every week.  The same goes for how to get the most out of value added services and building relationships with your manufacturer and contractor partners.  We are shining a light on lighting, especially LED lighting, to let you know the products that are in demand right now and next year. Plus, we will begin focusing on innovation to help you create new ways to run better, faster, smarter and more profitable. You can go to 10 different places to get all of that information.  Or you can go to tedmag.com every day to get it.

And if you forget to stop by, we offer a reminder for you Tuesday through Friday with our tED-Today newsletters.  Each day, we e-mail reminders about our new stories on tedmag.com so you remember to stay on top of everything that is happening in the industry. We work hard to make sure you will never see the same story two days in a row, except for the “most viewed” story from the day before.  If you are not getting the newsletters, you are not ahead of the curve with information on this industry.  Sign up at www.tedmag.com at the top of the page where it says “subscribe”.

Like everything tED magazine does, I invite you to check out the new website, and then feel free to contact me about your thoughts. I would love the feedback, even if you have some “creative criticism”.

So to recap:

tED magazine is in position to be better than ever each month for the rest of 2014 and beyond.

tEDTV.tedmag.com is now re-launched, and it is the place to go to see product and company profile videos.

Our newsletters are now providing you with new information that is important to you four days a week.

And tedmag.com has a new look that will make it easier for you to find and read the impactful and daily stories no one else can provide.

We had a busy summer.  But it definitely paid off for us.

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