tED Magazine Wins Two Website Awards

By Scott Costa, Publisher, tED magazine

So, that’s didn’t take long.

Just 8 weeks after we re-launched, and two weeks after we launched the new version of, both are award winners.

More than 50 associations entered the Advanced Solutions International website contest.  Both tEDTV and were awarded the “Great Things Award” by the group.

Four other associations were also recognized.

Entries were judged by a panel looking for content, structure and navigation, visual design, functionality and interactivity and overall user experience.

These awards come as a result of the hard work by tED magazine web editor Nicky Herron along with NAED Technology Manager Keith Perigo and NAED Information Systems Manager Kathy Dailey.  tED magazine worked on design of these websites and their re-launch of these websites for months. 

The magazine had a goal of making sure the end user would enjoy seeing and using the websites from their first experience, which would encourage them to use the websites every day.

The new includes a much more modern design that allows the visitors to find stories much more easily that in the past.  We have put the categories of stories together so you can easily find the “latest news” or “distributor stories” or “manufacturer stories”.  The website will also allow you to quickly find the most-read stories on the site.

The best part of the new is our exclusive feature stories are now much more prominent.  You can find up to 6 stories on our website that you cannot find anywhere else. They stories may be about ways to combat AmazonSupply or, hiring and retaining employees, advancements in lighting, or our Contractor’s Corner stories that deal with building better relationships with your customers.

We have also built up our relationship with the Associated Press, so we can now pass along industry related stories to the moment we receive them.  It is just like your local news station covering breaking news.  We can get items from the Associated Press and post them to our website within minutes.

We are also very excited about tEDTV and its popularity.  To date, we have nearly 50 NAED members who have submitted multiple videos to the site. Whether it is new product launches, how-to videos on products or simply company profiles, the tEDTV website has become the “YouTube” for this supply chain.

Several people attending the ASi conference mentioned that tED magazine’s two websites are the most impressive that they have seen from an association.

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