tED Magazine’s 2013 Best Of The Best Entries Are Now Online

For the first time, tED magazine and have put the winning entries and all of the entries submitted to the 2013 Best of the Best Awards online.

If you did not attend the 2013 NAED AdVenture Conference, or you did attend and want to see the entries again, you can go to  The site has the winning entries, along with a photo and a brief description of the statement of purpose.  Many of the winners have also agreed to include their contact information with their entry.  If you have questions, comments, or just want to talk about the strategy involved, you can contact the entry coordinator to discuss how it was put together.

In addition, you can also see all of the entries in each of the 14 categories, and you can have the website scroll through all of the entries for you.

At the AdVenture Conference, 5 i-Pads were set up near the registration desk so attendees could look at the website during breaks or receptions.  tED magazine and decided to keep the website active, so it can be viewed at any time.

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