#tEDchat To Discuss Data And IDEA

With some big changes in the past few weeks at IDEA, tED magazine is looking at data and the future of the data warehouse for its #tEDchat on Monday, September 8.

“The value of content is growing every single day,” says Mike Wentz, Vice President of Operations at IDEA. “And distributors are getting much better about quantifying and qualifying what they need from manufacturers, and vendors have really responded to that.”

tED magazine will host the #tEDchat on its Twitter page,  The event starts at 1pm Central time, and runs for one hour.

Guests are encouraged to ask questions about what is expected of distributors and manufacturers as IDEA continues to build the data warehouse, as well as offer comments and suggestions about the data needed by this industry.

Please make sure if you do take part in the #tEDchat that you use the #tEDchat hashtag after all of your tweets, so the rest of the people attending the forum can see them.

tED magazine will also post the results of the #tEDchat on the website on Tuesday.

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