The 5 Ls of Lighting

Joseph Higbee, Director of Marketing and Communications

National Electrical Manufacturers Association

Innovation is expanding the traditionally understood functions of lighting. Industry R&D has opened the door for lighting companies to introduce a vast array of new lighting products in the residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Current technologies are taken to market through applications and product integration only dreamed of in the past. And with the expansion of options also comes the opportunity for learning about those products. 

This is the case with the variety of standard screw-base light bulbs available as federal standards transition America to energy-efficient lighting. Below are five podcasts by lighting experts focused on the 5Ls of lighting: location, lumens, light bulbs, label, and law. A brief consumer’s guide to choosing energy-efficient lighting can be viewed at


In this podcast, we speak with Pekka Hakkarainen, vice president at Lutron Electronics, about why location is important for the placement of energy efficient light bulbs.


In this podcast, we speak with Pam Horner, director of Government & Industry Relations for OSRAM SYLVANIA, about the difference between lumens and watts and why it is important for consumers to know the facts.

Light Bulbs

In this podcast, we speak with Joe Howley, manager of Industry Relations for GE, about the different light bulb options available to consumers.


In this podcast, we speak with Hampton Newsome, attorney at the Federal Trade Commission, about the new light bulb packaging label and the types of information that will be displayed on it.


In this podcast we discuss the new light bulb law, touching on who and what will be affected, with Randy Moorhead, vice president of Government Affairs with Philips Electronics North America.

LUMEN Coalition

A group of over 40 organizations has come together as the LUMEN Coalition. LUMEN stands for Lighting Understanding for a More Efficient Nation. The goal of the coalition is to help educate the public about the transition to energy-efficient lighting, specifically, what options are available, how to select them, and how they can save money. With members from industry, utilities, NGOs, and advisors from federal agencies, the coalition has been reaching out in a number of ways.

One way that distributors and other organizations can take part is by working with the LUMEN coalition to distribute educational information. The coalition has established a content committee and is working closely with many organizations to provide tailored information for those organization’s customers.

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