The Good Stuff: 100 Stories

The Good Stuff: 100 Stories

by Scott Costa, Publisher, tED magazine

Back in March of 2021, tED magazine decided to launch “Good Stuff”, a series of articles on the projects and programs from NAED-member companies designed to help their communities. Today, we are proud to let you know we have reached 100 “Good Stuff” stories posted on and “lightED”.

Two crazy things come to mind about “Good Stuff”.

First, I can’t completely remember why we launched it. We were receiving some press releases on companies that were working within their communities for years. It wasn’t like the pandemic had just taken its toll on the country, because we had been living with it for 12 months. But there was just something about being surrounded by negative news that stood out to me. It’s easy to cover. Just ask those cable TV media outlets who survive by pointing out the bad news in our country and place the blame on others. Bad news creates an emotional reaction. Anger. Hate. Frustration. The bad stuff.

During a somewhat casual conversation, someone mentioned that it would be great if our members would regularly send us their “Good Stuff”. Not my idea. In fact, it wasn’t my idea to actually call it “Good Stuff”.

Which leads us to the second crazy thing. “Good Stuff” is a good idea. It creates an emotion that is far different than the “news” those cable TV guys provide. I believe there’s nothing wrong with that.

So you are aware, here’s a sample of the stories you have provided about how you are serving your communities over the past three years:

  • You have delivered thousands of meals to families who need them
  • You have delivered even more toys to children for the holiday season
  • You have provided financial aid for education
  • You have donated supplies to rebuild homes for families who have children with cancer
  • You have donated supplies, time, and effort to rebuild homes for injured soldiers
  • You have supported hospitals who care for sick children
  • You have purchased and packaged school supplies for families that need them
  • You have created care packages for families with children in Neonatal Intensive Care Units
  • You have volunteered time in your communities to clean parks or work as firefighters
  • You have created fundraisers to stop human trafficking
  • You have reached into your own pockets to donate to homeless families
  • You have run marathons to raise money for cancer awareness and research
  • You have donated time and money to shelters for abused animals
  • You have donated thousands to scholarship programs
  • You have taken time out of your days to deliver food for Meals On Wheels

Over the past three years and 100 stories, there’s a lot more than just that.

It’s one thing to be there to keep the power on. To provide this country with a robust economy by playing our part in making and supplying the products that construct new homes and businesses, along with industrial spaces, hospitals and schools, and even giant sports stadiums. It’s important that we are there when natural disasters strike and when we need to turn the lights back on so we can see the future. We are still in the early stages of “re-electrifying” this country. There’s also something to be said for the career opportunities that we created for past generations and continue to create for generations to come.

But there’s something else to be said for doing all of that, and then taking the extra time to make sure your community is going to be better.

That’s the “Good Stuff”.

We are not stopping at 100 stories. We know there are a lot more out there.

tED wants to know about your “Good Stuff”. If you work with someone who is helping other people, or a group of co-workers that’s creating better outcomes, we want to know about it.

Please send your “Good Stuff” to Editorial & Web Assistant, Marie Jakle at and Online Editor, Nicky Herron at Send us details, names, and photos if you have them.

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