The Good Stuff, Vol. 99

The Good Stuff, Vol. 99

Welcome to “The Good Stuff,” where we highlight positive news and ways that NAED employees and member companies go above and beyond to give back to their communities! If you have some “Good Stuff” that you would like to share with tED, find out how below.

This week we’re highlighting a local City Electric Supply in Florida, which helped a family of disabled Army veterans and donated to a nonprofit veteran outreach organization.

PORT SAINT LUCIE, Fla. — #DOYOUGIVEARUCK is a nonprofit created for the purpose of veterans serving veterans. Marine Corps veteran Jason Reed and his coworker Janna Williams connected with the organization to find opportunities to get involved, and that’s when they learned about the Short family. Robert and Randi Short, both disabled Army veterans, are raising three children amidst unique challenges.

Reed is familiar with the struggles that can color the lives of military veterans. When Reed, operations manager at Control Tech USA, approached his company about helping families in hardship for the holidays, he found a cause that resonated with him and his experiences. Reed worked with #DOYOUGIVEARUCK to find opportunities to step in, and that’s when they learned about the Short family.

“Our company decided this was a cause we wanted to rally for, so we started calling around to some people we knew. And the electrical community — contractors and vendors — were the biggest donors to the cause,” recalled Reed.

#DOYOUGIVEARUCK picked up the Shorts from their home and brought the entire family over to the Control Tech USA warehouse, where local veterans, retired police officers, and electrical contractors awaited the family to present them their check. The festivities included food, music, and presents for the couple’s three children.

Among the connections Reed called on was a well-established one with the City Electric Supply (CES) location in Vero Beach.

“We’ve been a customer of CES for around 15 years, but as of the past three years, we pretty much shop there exclusively,” said Reed. “There’s a lot that goes into that decision, but relationships are a big part of it.”

After hearing about the effort that Reed was leading, Branch Manager Vance Hadley was more than willing to help.

“We jumped right on it because we thought it was a great cause. I know a lot of veterans that need help. They served our country, so the least we can do is support them where we can,” said Hadley.

The day of the check presentation came with lots of energy and participation in an event at the Control Tech USA warehouse. With the help of Control Tech USA, CES, and many more contributors, Reed and Williams raised almost $3,500 in just two and a half weeks. A check for $1,500 was given to the Short family, and the remaining amount was donated to #DOYOUGIVEARUCK, which, in turn, helped three more families.

“We invited everyone who contributed to come an hour before the event started and celebrate the success. When the Shorts got there, we shared a meal, and everyone got to talk to them,” said Reed.

According to Reed and Hadley, the best part of the event was watching the kids open their gifts. For Reed, that moment held a certain familiarity. Reed, coworkers, and their families stayed at the warehouse after hours getting decorations put up, cleaning, and setting up gifts purchased for the kids.

“My wife and I have been married 32 years. We have five children, and I remember when things weren’t so easy for us. I never want a family to be without joy during the holidays, so seeing the Short kids’ excitement was just incredible,” said Reed.

After a full day of community, celebration, and support, the Short family went home with a promise of help whenever they needed it. And for the groups, it was just the start of a relationship with #DOYOUGIVEARUCK.

Vance elaborated, “Control Tech USA wants to do something like this every year from now on. We hope to stay involved because it’s a great cause. This was our first time working with #DOYOUGIVEARUCK. Our branch would definitely do it again and hopefully be more involved the next time.”

When asked what advice they have for others looking to help, Hadley and Reed had similar sentiments — go find an organization that means something to you, and just reach out.

“Whatever cause you care about, find out if there’s something you can do. Every little bit helps, even just donating one backpack for school. It all adds up,” said Hadley.

#DOYOUGIVEARUCK wants to thank Control Tech USA for leading this effort and gathering the other organizations involved in making such a special day come true for the Short family.


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