The Hite Company Observes the 60th Anniversary of Jack Hatch

The Hite Company Observes the 60th Anniversary of Jack Hatch

Since Jack Hatch began his career at The Hite Company in 1955, he has seen and helped the company grow from five employees at one small location to over 300 employees at 22 branches.

R. Lee Hite wrote a commemorative letter about the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Jack Hatch, at The Hite Company since 1955:

The Hite family is extremely grateful to one veteran employee who has been a longtime pillar of our company, who represents a high standard for excellence/business reputation, who is a role model of exemplary work ethic/determination/discipline, and who is a genuinely sincere/nice person – JACK HATCH! In today’s extremely transient world, it seems remarkable/rare to have an employee spend his entire career at one business, and we feel very lucky that he chose our organization! The Hite Company is 66 years old, and Jack Hatch began working here 60 years ago, almost from the beginning!

Jack started his career at The Hite Company on June 1, 1955. Company founder Bob Hite was impressed by an employment ad placed by 18 year old Jack in a local newspaper and arranged an interview. The rest is history! Throughout his tenure, Jack has seen and helped the company grow from 5 employees at one small location to over 300 employees at 22 branches.

Jack began as a stock clerk and delivery driver. Based on the changing needs of a growing business, he worked in many capacities – a “Jack of all trades!” He helped to build a solid Hite Company reputation in areas where we expanded, and his demeanor/character represented our culture very favorably. His actions seemed to reflect a love of his work and a desire to serve.

Most of Jack’s positions/responsibilities involved sales and marketing, a perfect niche for this “people person,” but he assisted with multiple other company projects/initiatives, as well. When Jack began working, all office procedures were manual. As progress demanded, he helped to embrace evolving necessary change by playing a key role in introducing a computer system. Today he continues to spearhead and implement technology to make operations more efficient.

In 2002, Jack officially retired from his full time position as Sr. VP of Marketing after 47 years with The Hite Company, but he has continued to work handling special projects. This June marks his 60 year milestone of being an integral part of the development and success of the Hite organization. His major and constant focus always has been customer service and trying to ensure best possible solutions. Jack’s loyalty, guidance, drive, positive attitude, and dedicated expertise have been invaluable. Jack’s knowledge of the electrical industry and his established relationships with customers and suppliers could never be duplicated or replaced.

For many – Jack Hatch IS The Hite Company!

Whether people think of him as a teacher, mentor, salesman, boss, co-worker, or friend, he has been an inspiration for many! I proudly take this opportunity to thank him for his vision and selfless dedication, and for all he has done and continues to do on behalf of the company and the electrical industry.

Congratulations on your diamond celebration – a CUT above all expectations – a loyal Hite blue and white COLOR associate – with CLARITY of customer focus – and with highest KARAT quality of performance.


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