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The new tedmag.com homepage

Welcome to the new and improved home page for tedmag.com, the website for tED magazine. Our newly designed home page is now your go-to source for the latest industry news and headlines, as well as in-depth articles on topics that impact you and your business. It’s put together in an intuitive, easy-to-navigate style that will put the information you’re looking for right at your fingertips.

Within tedmag.com, you’ll still find headlines on distributor, manufacturer and people news as well as commodity information and industry perspective from our bloggers. You’ll also find so much more!

The new tedmag.com is updated on a daily basis. You’ll want to make sure you check our home page every day for up to date industry information. Start in the Latest News section, where you’ll find all of the current industry news headlines you need. Our new format also includes a Multimedia section, which features video content and photo galleries to give you a deeper look into the story. The new tedmag.com is also more interactive, in our Get Social section, our Facebook and Twitter feeds build right into the page so you can easily join the conversation. You can also check out our Current Issue section for links to the online bonus content mentioned in tED magazine.

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