UPDATE: Eaton Responds To Presidential Candidate’s Claims

Just hours after the Tuesday primary elections in Michigan and Mississippi, Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton moved her campaign to Ohio, which will hold its primary, along with several other key states, on Tuesday, March 15.

Clinton made corporate tax credits a key part of her speech in Cleveland last night, and called out Eaton during the campaign stop.

To be fair, we are uploading the entire speech here at, and allowing you to see it all for yourself so you can draw your own conclusions. The segment where Clinton talks about corporate tax credits begins at 7:28 of this video.

UPDATE: tED magazine has reached out to Eaton for a comment on this. The company provided this response:

“Eaton will not comment on election year campaign rhetoric expressed by candidates for office. We have previously commented extensively on our nearly $12 Billion transformative acquisition of Cooper Industries plc, in 2012, which is why we are domiciled in Ireland. Eaton has also previously outlined its 2015-2017 restructuring program, which allows us to compete more effectively in the current weaker global market conditions.

“We notified employees on January 12 that we plan to close our Hydraulics facility in Berea, Ohio, during Q4 2016. Eaton is not adding jobs in Mexico due to the Berea closure.”


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