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Wall Street Today:

Here are the top stories from Wall Street for Thursday, April 19.

Commodities Prices Spike, Pushing Up Stocks

Oil prices climb over $74 for the first time in years, and aluminum also rises.

Bank Earnings Beat Expectations

Tax cuts brought more than $2.5 billion in first quarter earnings for 5 banks.

Another Nike Executive Resigns

The departures are part of a culture change to get rid of the “old boys club”.

Amazon Releases The Number Of Prime Subscribers

Jeff Bezos reports having more than 100 million Prime members.

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    Tom Beebe (ex-Square D and later contractor, then still later manufacturer's rep April 11, 2018 / 1:35 pm

    My days of dealing everyday as supplier to or customer of electrical distributors are long past but far from forgotten. Were I in their shoes I’d evaluate what’s on my shelves and reduce stocks of items readily available on line to concentrate on those which may be immune to such purchases. Can an on-line source provide conduit competitively (both price and delivery in small batches) ? I doubt it. But for products where the need can be predicted in advance, both quantity and delivery schedule, such as lighting fixtures for a contracted project, I would expect on line competition. Maybe many already know this, but I’d inspect every line item in your stock with this in mind.

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