Warshauer Upgrades ERP System

TINTON FALLS, N.J. — Warshauer Electric Supply is excited to announce a major back-end system upgrade, converting from ‘Array BluVista’ to ‘EPICOR Eclipse.’

EPICOR Eclipse expands its ability to serve customers more efficiently and conveniently in several ways, such as viewing real-time inventory, overall paperless operations, and real-time internal order tracking. Warshauer is now operating with one of the most robust back-end enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, which feeds into its brand new, state-of-the-art website.

The new website functionality will give customers the convenience of registering at www.warshauer.com to manage an online account. This online account allows customers to view pricing and inventory, statements and invoices, proof of deliveries, open orders, order history, open bids, saved carts, purchase products online, request quotes and quick re-order pad.

All Warshauer Electric Supply employees were required to be trained on EPICOR Eclipse from the bottom-up over this past year, dedicating countless hours and efforts into becoming experts on this system. “It was months of long nights training, double-work practicing, and endless questions back and forth. Throughout it all, attitudes were kept very positive,” says President, Jim Warshauer.

This is a major step for Warshauer Electric as an organization, opening the doors for opportunity and exposing it to a whole new e-commerce market. “We are excited to take on this challenge and look forward to the positive impact EPICOR Eclipse will have on the company and profitable growth. We really appreciate the patience of our loyal customer base as we make this transition which we all know will allow us to provide an unmatched level of customer service with this state-of-the-art system,” says Jim Warshauer.

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