Winsupply Announces Two Acquisitions

Winsupply Announces Two Acquisitions

Meter Service and Supply Company (Meter Supply) joined the Winsupply Family of Companies on May 17, 2024. Meter Supply is a single-location waterworks distribution company based in Memphis, Tennessee. Meter Supply has been operating since 1947, providing gas, water, electrical, and sewer products to support local and regional government agencies as well as general contractors.

Jeff Dice, President of Winsupply Inc., welcomed Meter Supply into the Winsupply family business model. “Together, we will leverage our combined strengths to achieve new levels of success in the Memphis waterworks market,” said Jeff.

Currently serving as the President of Meter Supply, Jerry Deming looks forward to continuing in a management capacity and transitioning the leadership to Casey Belew, who will assume the President’s role. Belew is relocating from River Valley Winwater, where he was mentored by President Michael Carter. Belew completed Winsupply’s Management Development Training Program in 2023, preparing him for this transition to President at Meter Supply.

“We are thrilled to welcome Meter Supply into our family. Their story embodies the ‘Spirit of Opportunity’ that we value at Winsupply, said Steven Coen, Director of Business Development at Winsupply. “The Deming family’s hard work and dedication have made Meter Supply a primary waterworks supplier in the Memphis area. When we consider acquisitions, we look beyond the business itself. We are acquiring the people and the values they bring. The team at Meter Supply has proven outstanding, and we are honored that they have trusted us to carry on the legacy they have built.”

“The acquisition of Meter Supply is a significant strategic move for us, as it allows us to expand our waterworks portfolio in Memphis, Tennessee,” stated Greg Holbrock, Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions Due Diligence and Financial Integration at Winsupply. “We are confident that the cultural alignment between Jerry and his team and the Winsupply Family of Companies will pave the way for a successful partnership. This strategic move not only strengthens our relationships with vendor partners but also fosters entrepreneurship through the Winsupply ownership model, perpetuating free enterprise capitalism.”

Winsupply also announced that, as of June 10, 2024, General Metals Mfg. & Supply has joined the Winsupply Family of Companies. Founded in 1952, General Metals Mfg. & Supply (General Metals) is a Phoenix, Arizona-based company engaged in the manufacturing, fabrication, and wholesale distribution of HVAC equipment and products. Its primary clientele is comprised of HVAC contractors in the Southwestern United States. It is a known enterprise with a long-standing and excellent reputation.

Throughout its 72-year history, the Company has been a leader and innovator in its marketplace region and niche industry sector. General Metals manufacturing-fabrication facility, combined with its integrated wholesale distribution division, can handle virtually any HVAC project. The company operates three locations: two in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and one in Tucson, Arizona, approximately 100 miles south of Phoenix.

Currently serving as the President of General Metals, Richard Goettel looks forward to continuing with the company in a consulting capacity and transitioning leadership to Anthony Jackson, who will assume the President’s role. Jackson is relocating from Prescott Winsupply, where he was the President for four years. This transition opens up new career growth opportunities within the Winsupply Family of Companies. Michael Goettel, who has been with General Metals for 21 years, will continue with the company in a leadership position as Vice President of Fabrications, further demonstrating the potential for career advancement within the organization. Rich Rhodes, the current Vice President with 37 years of experience at General Metals, will also remain in a leadership position. Moreover, Bobbi Gonzales, who has been with the company for 15 years, will continue handling Sales and Purchasing.

General Metals
2727 W Weldon Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85017
Phone: (602) 264-4815

Please continue to work directly with General Metals on any billing, account, or shipping questions.


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