Winsupply Opens Distributorship in Maine

DAYTON, Ohio — Winsupply Inc. has opened Winsupply of N. Portland, Maine, serving electrical contractors in the Greater Portland area, including southern Maine and New Hampshire.

Henry Ohrenberger III is the president of Winsupply of N. Portland. A native of Framingham, Massachusetts, Ohrenberger is a former U.S. Army officer who served in Field Artillery and left as a captain before joining Winsupply.

“Henry is a great representative of the ex-military officers we’ve brought into Winsupply,” said Monte Salsman, president of Winsupply Local Company Group. “He brings excellent leadership skills that he developed as an officer along with some valuable time leading people as a college football coach.”

Ohrenberger has invested as co-owner of Winsupply of N. Portland with Winsupply Inc. as the majority owner and will be in a position to display his capabilities as a courageous, hardworking entrepreneur.

In the Winsupply co-ownership business model, Winsupply Inc. has majority equity in each of its locations, while the local company presidents and sometimes employees own substantial equity. With this model, local companies have the autonomy and flexibility to decide how best to meet the needs of the customers in their markets.

Winsupply Inc. provides the local company locations purchasing power, distribution and other support services such as business consulting, accounting, payroll, IT and marketing.

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