WinWholesale Expanding Dayton Distribution Center

WinWholesale Inc. is adding space within its Dayton regional distribution center as part of a new $800,000 project.

According to Rick McCann, Vice President, Supply Chain, WinWholesale, “Our Dayton regional distribution center is adding more than 15,000 square feet of usable space within the existing building footprint.” Dayton is one of four major distribution centers around the country. Other sites include Denver, Richmond, Va., and Middletown, Conn.

The project will add a mezzanine level inside the building that will double in size the “piece pick” area in the distribution center. By moving and storing certain items on the mezzanine level, more space will open on the main floor for bulk items that are fast-moving and/or stocked in multiple pallets.

This project is part of a massive national growth campaign by WinWholesale, which also replaced distribution centers in Colorado and Connecticut with larger facilities during the last two years.

“This expansion work is driven by the ongoing growth of WinWholesale through organic growth, new companies opened and acquisitions,” McCann stated. “Additionally, Win Sourcing Services is constantly increasing our stock
portfolio on hand in the regional distribution centers. By having more product lines and items ready to ship, we provide our companies direct access to the products and brands they need, which is essential for delivering on our brand promise of having the right product at the right time.”

The total value of the project is an estimated $800,000. It also includes both an internal and external facelift to the building. The 200,000 sq ft. building has been in operation since being built by WinWholesale in January 2006.

WinWholesale has more than 570 locations with 5,200 total employees, including about 300 employees at the Dayton location, including its headquarters and operating locations.


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