Womack Electric Supply Mobilizes Sales and Marketing Content with RepFiles

Womack Electric Supply Mobilizes Sales and Marketing Content with RepFiles

NORCROSS, Ga.—Womack Electric Supply Co., Inc. is now using RepFiles to prepare their employees with a complete package of sales and marketing materials readily available on their mobile devices.

By teaming up with RepFiles, Womack Electric Supply has the ability to make collateral instantly available to their sales team through a branded company Plugin on the RepFiles NAED Edition app. In addition, users can access the latest product information being delivered by participating manufacturers – all from a single app on their mobile device.

“We are very excited to implement the utilization of RepFiles as a new, effective means of providing sales and marketing materials to our sales team,” said Womack Electric Supply’s Marketing Manager Rhonda Aherron, who won a free RepFiles Plugin for her company during the 2015 NAED AdVenture Marketing Conference. “Having a mobile application that puts these materials into their hands quickly and efficiently will benefit their preparedness and success in communicating sales and marketing collateral to our customers.”

There is no cost for distributors to get started utilizing the RepFiles NAED Edition app to access their manufacturers’ content. The app is free to download from the Apple App Store, Google Play or Windows Store. If users do not have access to the Windows Store (available on computers or tablets running Windows 8 or later), they can utilize RepFiles PC NAED Edition on any PC or Mac.

Once installed, users should register for their own RepFiles account, sign-in to the app and request access to their manufacturers’ Plugins from the “Add New” screen. After receiving Plugin access, RepFiles users can select the content they want to download to their device for offline use, allowing them to open files, play videos, send single or multiple files as email attachments and more. Any updates made to the files being delivered are reflected on all users’ devices after a single sync.

Distributors may choose to deliver their own content through their own company-branded Plugin for an annual subscription. Click here for a list of manufacturers, sales rep agencies and other distributors delivering content through RepFiles.


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