Wyland Mural Restored at CapitalTristate Baltimore

Wyland Mural Restored at CapitalTristate Baltimore

CapitalTristate is privileged to occupy the Russell Street Building which displays conservation muralist Wyland’s 46th mural in his series of 100 “Whaling Walls” throughout the world. Entitled “Extinct Atlantic Gray Whales,” the 5200 square-foot painting was created in 1993.

Unfortunately, the 21 years that have passed since its painting led to significant deterioration of the landmark. So, in May of this year, the property management company who owns the building, St John Properties Inc., reached out to a local mural restoration company after obtaining Wyland’s permission to restore the work. Preparations began at the end of May and the restoration continued through the end of June. The mural artists meticulously cleaned the mural before beginning work, and referred to photos taken of the original piece while they did their painting. One entire panel of the mural had to be redone freehand because the damage to the original was so severe.

Scorching heat and torrential rain made the work painstaking and difficult, with lots of starts and stops, but the month-long restoration has reinstated this iconic landmark as something to look for when coming into and out of Baltimore.

View of entire wall mural

View of the Wyland Whale after restoration

View of the Wyland Whale before restoration

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