17 Companies Request Repeal of Solar Tariffs

17 Companies Request Repeal of Solar Tariffs

Dated February 11, 2021, presidents and CEOs of 17 clean energy associations or companies sent a group letter to President Biden requesting that his administration rescind the Trump Administration’s solar tariff proclamation of October 10, 2020.

The letter stated that the previous administration’s Section 201 tariffs on solar cells and panels “have both cost the economy jobs and hindered our ability to address the climate crisis. Because of these tariffs, we lost 62,000 American job opportunities across the solar value chain and carbon dioxide emissions increased by 26 million metric tons, equivalent to the output of 5.5 million automobiles or 7 coal plants.”

They went on to say, “America’s solar and wind industries today employ more than  300,000 individuals across all 50 states … Our companies, which represent a nationwide workforce, and billions of dollars in annual solar investments, are eager to put more boots on the ground constructing and operating renewable energy projects.”

The letter, which you can read here, was written and signed by SEIA, the American Clean Power Association, and 15 other clean energy companies.



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