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2020 Best of the Best Winners: Brand Awareness

Recognizing Marketing’s Finest


Judging for tED magazine’s 2020 Best of the Best Marketing Awards Competition took place in late April and, for the first time in the competition’s history, over Zoom. Over the course of a week, our four judges weighed the entries submitted for the contest’s 11 categories. Ultimately, 50 entries were determined winners, with two companies—OneSource Distributors and Intermatic—taking home the honor of Best of the Best Overall Distributor and Best of the Best Overall Supplier, respectively. Here we present all of this year’s winning submissions, highlighting a different category each week.


Distributor Less Than $100M
Standard Electric Supply Co.
New Logo for Standard Electric Supply Co.

With a goal of creating a look that was readily identifiable as Standard Electric Supply Co. and represented its positioning for the next 100 years, the new logo was designed, redesigned, modified, and modified again until it captured the character of the company. The redesign was launched at the company’s 100-year anniversary celebration. The following day an email marketing announcement was sent
and a social media launch initiated.

FROM THE JUDGES: “The new logo is dynamic and has energy. I liked the tagline and was impressed with the complete branding guide. I also liked the way they pulled everything together with a big reveal at their event.”


Distributor $101M to $400M
Springfield Electric Supply
Edwardsville Branch Promotion

To create more awareness around the opening of its Edwardsville, Ill., branch, Springfield Electric Supply’s marketing department worked with a videographer and the branch manager to create and utilize video ads on LinkedIn, targeting users based on job titles in
the electrical/contractor industry and member skills to create a more detailed target and capture those decision-makers in the industry. Additionally, support material was printed and distributed to branch associates.

FROM THE JUDGES: “They identified a branch and a market that needed attention and then they developed a focused marketing campaign to address it. Excellent.”


Distributor $401M to $700M
Summit Electric Supply
LEAN Identity Branding

To create an identity for Summit Electric Supply’s LEAN effort that positions it as part of the overall company culture, the marketing team interviewed Summit executives and the LEAN consultant and performed graphic and font research that provided the sub-brand a foundation for visually aligning LEAN objectives to Sum mit’s brand. The new LEAN logo was used on web pages, dashboards, logo-wear, training documents, LEAN toolkits, certificates of completion, and awards.

FROM THE JUDGES: “What they were able to do from a savings standpoint was really compelling. From an execution standpoint, it’s a very creative campaign.”


Distributor More Than $700M
OneSource Distributors
Digital Solutions and Specialists

OneSource Distributors’s digital solutions campaign featured a series of landing pages, each of which offers a video outlining how the solution works and a form inviting customers to book a time with a specialist. A subsequent campaign that promised a hat to those who booked meetings helped to make the process unintimidating, as the customer wasn’t committed to more than meeting the specialist and getting the free gift.

FROM THE JUDGES: “This is a strong piece that provides some really effective and practical business management tools to their customers. I really like how the simple animation makes the modules less intimidating.”


Supplier Less Than $250M
NICOR Lighting
NICOR Select Series

In an effort to develop a strong initiative to increase company awareness in the lighting industry, NICOR Lighting aspired to create more service and product visibility to potential customers while also invigorating its image across the board. To this end, NICOR developed an unconventional and upbeat branding using bold colors featured in digital (product page, website, e-blast, and video), print (packaging and interactive display), and physical (trade show graphics and case display) formats.

FROM THE JUDGES: “A clever use of color that not only is visually appealing, but also increases awareness of the product line. Used very nicely across the campaign.”


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