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2021 30 Under 35 Profile: Corbin Davis

Corbin Davis, 32
Energy Manager
OneSource Distributors

Corbin found CED during a career fair at Ohio State University. “There were a lot of great companies at the fair, but the industry—and the entrepreneurial spirit of CED—immediately became my No. 1 choice,” he recalled. Corbin started an internship at CED Columbus, Ohio, in 2015 while he was finishing his undergraduate degree in business administration with a specialization in economics.

Upon graduation in 2016 Corbin began the management trainee program with CED, and then was offered the opportunity at OneSource in 2018. “I began my career at OneSource, where I had a vision to create our energy department, as an energy sales specialist,” he explained. “In short time, I was promoted to energy manager, building and leading our energy strategy.”

Asked what keeps him interested in electrical distribution, Corbin said “To have the opportunity to innovate, grow, make improvements, make an impact, and help empower others is something to wake up to and get excited about every day. This industry offers that. I am fascinated and passionate about the energy space and how it is constantly evolving. It is a focus for myself and my team to be as adaptable and always to be open to learn new things and create best practices. For us to feel comfortable and grow our value chain with the industry, we must evolve with it. It keeps the daily work very interesting and exciting.”

Corbin said that while the idea of becoming more sustainable and utilizing clean green energy has been embraced by society, the limitation of access, availability, and creditability—along with the substantial investment required—are hurdles the industry faces. “We have created a solution that can take models and concepts of an entire project and have them be implemented,” Corbin explained. “This allows our customers to have the ability to achieve their goals, become more sustainable and be powered by clean green energy—while at the same time have these projects be very financially sound and lucrative investments.”

Corbin’s next career goal is for “OneSource and myself to achieve higher accomplishments, and continue to innovate, grow, collaborate, and empower one another. We have a unique reach through the sectors of our company—through our utility, industrial, and contractor divisions—to continue to collaborate with one another and our suppliers, and to capture as much customer value as we can, while also earning it, through our energy offerings, and all our values.”

He noted that the key to his growth, personally, is to continue to have a focused drive and work hard every single day. “To focus on the details, and to see how the even the smallest details can be improved,” he explained. “Mainly, however, I will continue to treat people with respect, be trustworthy, and maintain and foster relationships.”

Asked what he would say to someone just entering the industry, Corbin said he would explain how there are a lot of opportunities to be successful. “There are so many different sectors and product groups available to pursue,” he said. “Our industry is a sign of progress, and we are in a technological wave where the opportunities are only growing. I would also tell them to be focused and to work hard, as hard work will pay for itself, and to treat people with respect and to be trustworthy. Those are keys for organic growth.”

When he’s not working, Corbin likes to go on adventures and travel. “Whether it’s going on hiking trips or exploring a new city that I have never been too,” he said. “Living in Southern California, I really enjoy going to the beach and the ocean, snowboarding trips, and playing golf with family and friends. Also guiltily: I’m a very big college football fan.”


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