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2021 Best of the Best Winners: Product Launch

Recognizing Marketing’s Finest


Judging for tED magazine’s 2021 Best of the Best Marketing Awards Competition took place in late April. Over the course of a week, our four judges weighed the entries submitted for the contest’s 11 categories. Ultimately, 42 entries were determined winners, with two companies—OneSource Distributors and ABB Electrification—taking home the honor of Best of the Best Overall Dis­tributor and Best of the Best Overall Supplier, respectively. Here we present all of this year’s winning submissions, highlighting a different category each week.


Distributor $101M-$400M
Summit Electric Supply
Services and Solutions

In an effort to launch a comprehensive set of Summit “Services and Solutions” offerings while building internal capabilities for associates to identify opportunities, the marketing team took the existing “Services and Solutions” products and packaged them into a comprehensive offering with dedicated management, enterprise-wide training, and new marketing collateral. Execution included expanding the “Services and Solutions” section of InSummit (Summit’s intranet) and relaunching it internally with a video and ready-to-customize sales presentation.

FROM THE JUDGES: “Well organized, rich with information, visually appealing, and supports the brand.”


Distributor More Than $700M
OneSource Distributors
Direct Through Stock Solution

In response to customer needs, OneSource specialists developed a solution called “Direct Through Stock,” which was launched in 2020. A rotating banner on the company’s home page clicks through to the solution landing page, which features a video (animated, due to the pandemic), an explanation of the solution and benefits, and downloadable literature. The video was posted on social media sites and an email was sent to customers announcing the solution and directing them to the landing page.

FROM THE JUDGES: “We absolutely loved this video! The entire campaign was very well done and generated really good results.”


Supplier Less Than $250M
Universal Lighting Technologies
Bluetooth App-Based Room Control

After conducting a workshop to discuss a go-to-market approach for its Bluetooth App-Based Control and conducting market research to better understand the target audiences, Universal’s sales and marketing teams collaborated with product management to determine the right approach. Execution included preparing a list of target “premium” partners, issuing a press release, creating a new section on the website, and online courses and videos.

FROM THE JUDGES: “This very comprehensive effort covered all the bases. The visual storytelling was compelling; they did an excellent job of showcasing how the products worked together.”


Supplier More Than $250M
Leviton Manufacturing
Leviton LEV Series with Inform Technology

When it came time for Leviton to introduce its LEV Series devices to the market, it was crucial to develop and distribute materials to its sales team that would be used to educate facility managers and owners on the benefits and features of the new product line. Leviton built on a product announcement made in 2019 to create a product launch strategy that included 3D videos, brochures, flyers, indication guides, and a user manual.

FROM THE JUDGES: “The videos are clever, informative, and well done. The project case study was very rich, with great information, and the customer quotes were compelling. This was a very benefits-oriented approach.”


PRODUCT LAUNCH – Honorable Mention

Light Efficient Design

HBG Product Launch


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