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2022 30 Under 35 Profile: Mike Ofak

2022 30 Under 35 Profile: Mike Ofak

Mike Ofak, 31
Purchasing Manager
Schaedler Yesco Distribution

Mike, who has spent 11 years in the industry, started at Schaedler Yesco when in he was in college. “It was a summer job as a material handler in our CDC,” he recalled. “I enjoyed working here and liked the culture, so my senior year during Christmas break I talked to HR about staying with the company. During finals week I got a call from our vice president of operations. I interviewed for the pricing job and took it when I graduated.”

During his time at Schaedler Yesco, Mike has moved from the warehouse to the role of corporate pricing specialist to his current position as purchasing manager about three years ago. “I have grown to enjoy the networking provided through the many industry and business system conferences that I have attended over the years,” said Mike, when asked what continues to appeal to him about electrical distribution. “The people in this industry are very kind and if you reach out for guidance, everyone seems willing to help.”

Asked about a problem the industry is facing, Mike pointed to current supply chain issues. “Working through and figuring out solutions to keep inventory available for our customers has been a major challenge—but fun!” he explained. “Keeping a good relationship and getting consistent updates from our vendor partners has been key to our success through this challenging time.”

Looking ahead, Mike plans to continue advancing his career at Schaedler Yesco through promotions and increased responsibility. “I am lucky that our company invests in training, which allowed me to participate in the NAED Leadership Development course and multiple other training avenues,” he said.

What would Mike tell someone just entering the industry? “Continue to train and take advantage of whatever your company offers,” he replied. “If your company offers, go to the conferences and network. If your company does not offer, ask about going. Even if you are not an outgoing person, the roundtables at conferences make you feel comfortable with your peers and push you into sharing best practices and becoming a better version of yourself.”

When he’s not working Mike enjoys golfing, grabbing a beer with friends, working on construction projects, and volunteering as a board member of the local fire company.

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