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2022 Best of the Best Winners: Video

Recognizing Marketing’s Finest

Here we present all of this year’s winning submissions, highlighting a different category each week.


Distributor More Than $700M
Sonepar USA
Sales & Operations Development Program

Sonepar’s Sales & Operations Development (SOD) Program video showcases its 10-year running trainee development program and offers insight into the culture and commitment to a diverse future workforce. Two versions of the video were produced: The “Experience Film” tells the program story and offers a detailed account of orientation complete with alumni and new hire testimonials, B roll of a volunteerism event, professional and personal development sessions, executive presentations, young leaders panels, and roundtables; the 90-second version is tailored to be embedded in job descriptions, shared with and distributed by partner universities.

FROM THE JUDGES: “I really loved this one. It’s smart how the shorter version was imbedded in job descriptions for recruiting purposes. I like the use of real people who showed genuine enthusiasm—and, knowing their target audience, they used a lot of social media.”


Supplier Less Than $250M
Join the Intermatic Team

When Intermatic’s HR team tapped marketing to create an engaging video to tell the company’s story to new job candidates during the recruiting process, the team was faced with the challenge of making a video highlighting the positive aspects of working at Intermatic while there were few working at the corporate office due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The solution: Framed photo vignettes with warm-color-schemed setups that suggested happiness and positivity were used for much of the supporting footage. To answer the challenges of showing off a brand-new office while few people were physically working there, the video focused on one employee at a time enjoying the office’s amenities combined with footage of people at the old office. Also, employees interviewed were asked to describe Intermatic in their own words rather than reading from a script.

FROM THE JUDGES: “Perfect! Everything that young people want in a workplace—they mention it all. The video features interesting people that show how working at Intermatic is fun and rewarding.”


Supplier Less Than $250M
Light Efficient Design
Troffer Transformer

Light Efficient Design’s Troffer Transformer has several unique features, but the “win” is that it is only one piece. To show what a one-piece vs. five-piece installation looks like, the entire installation process was recorded—from opening the box to turning on the lights. To establish an even playing field, the same licensed electrician performed both installations into identical fixtures with the same tools and skill set. It took five minutes to install the competition’s product, which was a bit long to hold the attention of a typical audience, so the video speeds up once the Troffer Transformer is complete, keeping the video under the three-minute target. An extended, full-length video was also produced to allow a salesperson to provide commentary while a more captive audience is watching.

FROM THE JUDGES: “I like how they showed the advantages of this product at every stage of the installation; it really focuses in on the key points. This is a very effective use of video.”


Supplier More Than $250M
A Powerful Pair: Flex + ModPower

Legrand’s Flex + ModPower video demonstrates how the Connectrac Flex raceway partners perfectly with the Wiremold ModPower solution to fit, and re-fit, any commercial space’s layout and needs. In under a minute, the video shows how effectively Flex and ModPower come together to present a greater total solution—especially with commercial spaces trending toward increasing flexibility and adaptability. The jazzy soundtrack sets a perfect tone for the smooth speed of the video’s illustration and the video successfully communicates its key message without voiceover or dialogue, allowing it to be used for digital signage, social sharing, and more.

FROM THE JUDGES: “This video is very intriguing. It shows very nicely how well the two products work together—and did so quickly and completely.”

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