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2022 Best of the Best Winners: Website

Recognizing Marketing’s Finest

Here we present all of this year’s winning submissions, highlighting a different category each week.


Distributor $101M to $400M
Granite City Electric Supply
GCE National

After the acquisition of Baynes Electric, Granite City Electric (GCE) acquired Baynes National Team—which is dedicated to providing management of new construction, remodels, and energy retrofit lighting projects—and needed to brand this department/service as a division of GCE. After creating a new logo to brand the division, GCE partnered with an advertising agency to create a new website with blog and e-book content. Through email marketing and Google advertising, the new branding and content was used to attract new leads in target markets/verticals.

FROM THE JUDGES: “A well-done website. I like the new logo and the content is timely and informative. A nice branding effort.”


Supplier Less Than $250M
Website Redesign

After coming to the conclusion that its digital experience—last updated in 2016—didn’t fully meet the needs of its customers, Intermatic assembled an internal task force and partnered with outside resources to take an objective look at the existing website’s capabilities and outline new needs. Intermatic worked with internal and external stakeholders, including customers, to develop a robust new site. A cross-functional team identified key areas related to data management, content management, customer support,
and design. Visually, an emphasis was placed on product organization, using a hierarchy of markets, solutions, and products to showcase the depth of the company’s offerings while tailoring the online experience to meet regional market/language needs. At the same time, product information management and content management systems were aligned to ensure accuracy across digital channels and better support marketing initiatives. Lastly, a live chat feature was integrated throughout the site.

FROM THE JUDGES: “This is a very comprehensive and well-researched redesign. It looks great and gives users everything they want and need from a website.”


Supplier More Than $250M
Lutron Electronics
LCI Training Website

When COVID-19 made it difficult for sales and training teams to connect with customers in person, Lutron
Electronics pivoted to providing digital content, web-based training, and online learning. It soon became clear these options were in high demand, so the company began to develop a more permanent, centralized, online training site: the Lutron Lighting Control Institute online learning portal. With a focus on getting new product and software information out to specifiers and contractors, Lutron analyzed
session attendees to identify training that most effectively led to sales, which information was accessed
most frequently, and how customers were interacting with the content. From there, Lutron was able to effectively suggest additional content to best augment the customers’ business goals and specializations. The new training site incorporates everything learned from that initial evaluation period and offers significant enhancements including virtual, in-person session options for a live, hands-on, interactive experience where necessary.

FROM THE JUDGES: “A very user-friendly site that offers not just a virtual experience, but also a hands-on one. I can see how customers would find this training option valuable—and the numbers prove it!”


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