39 Days and Counting

It’s coming, whether we like it or not. And let’s be honest — most of us are ready for this to be over.

The upcoming election is one of the most hotly debated subjects in the country right now and might possibly be one of the most contested in American history. In the month before the election, so much remains uncertain. But NAED has your back.

Beginning in early October, NAED’s Senior Vice President of Government Affairs & Strategic Projects, Ed Orlet, and Ian Reynolds, NAED’s General Counsel, will be hosting a series of short videos about the upcoming elections.

NAED is also planning a 3-hour live election wrap up about a week after the November 3rd vote. The association is lining up experts, other trade associations, and economists to break down what the results will mean for our businesses. Details of the event will be released at a later date.

In the video series, Orlet and Reynolds will focus on the potential changes in the House, the Senate, and with the Presidential race. Further videos may discuss any hot-button items such as the electoral college, a possible contested election, COVID-19 relief packages, liability protection, tax reform, etc.

The videos will be available at beginning in early October.

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