Allied Electronics Updates Website to Assist COVID-19 Needs

Allied Electronics Updates Website to Assist COVID-19 Needs

FORT WORTH, Texas — As global supply chains for manufacturers and processors face unprecedented challenges during the current COVID-19 pandemic, Allied Electronics & Automation is launching dedicated product pages for customers in the food and beverage, and medical and pharmaceutical industries to more quickly and easily find the specialized sensing, process control, connectivity, lubrication, cleaning, safety, test, and inspection products needed to keep facilities operating to feed, hydrate and heal the world.

“Our food, beverage, medical and pharmaceutical customers provide the lifeblood of modern society – ensuring people around the world have access to the nutritional and healthcare essentials of modern daily life,” said Mike Walker, Allied’s vice president of sales. “With all the disruptions and uncertainty in global supply chains right now, Allied continues to ensure our customers in these critical industries can keep their facilities up and running.”

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Allied has been a key part of the global supply chain for crucial industries, helping customers like Ventec, Setech, AIM Manufacturing, Peace Medical and many others maintain production and delivery of vital medical devices and supplies to end users.


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