Amazon to Expand In France

Amazon has announced it will create 2,000 permanent jobs in France this year, in an effort to build the French economy while continuing its expansion through Europe.

“The French economic context gives us confidence and encourages us to invest,” Frederic Duval head of Amazon France, said in an interview. “We have more customers, so more business, and as we have more business, we hire more. We think this level activity is sustainable, thus we’re hiring people with permanent contracts.”

Amazon announced last year it added 1,500 jobs in France, mainly in distribution centers. Today’s announcement will enhance delivery services. Amazon began offering Amazon Prime Now in France a little more than a year ago, and it is working to improve delivery times to match times already established in the United States. This announcement about 2,000 new jobs brings the number of Amazon employees in France to more than 7,500.

Amazon also announced on February 8 that it is now offering Amazon Business, the company’s B2B e-commerce offering, in France. Amazon Business is already in operation in England and Germany in Europe, along with Japan and India.

On February 5, Amazon announced it had settled a tax dispute with France for an undisclosed amount. Amazon was operating in Luxembourg, avoiding paying tax in France. Duval said there is “absolutely” no link between the job creation and a settlement. “That problem is now settled and we no longer have any dispute with the state in this matter,” he said.

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