B2X Partners Launches New Book: Digital Branch™ Secrets

B2X Partners Launches New Book: Digital Branch™ Secrets

Digital Branch Secrets – the first book from B2B eCommerce agency B2X Partners is a playbook for Distributors looking to compete in eCommerce. The book outlines the B2X eCommerce System – a seven-component system for B2B businesses looking to launch and grow their own Digital Branch™.  This book is launching at the new, innovative B2B Next Conference in Chicago, IL.

Whether in the early stages of eCommerce or ready to innovate and compete with the nationals, Digital Branch™ Secrets breaks down a system to build a forward-moving eCommerce practice in your business. With strategic recommendations, illustrative case studies, and action items, each component is geared towards driving a customer-centric Digital Branch. Especially for written for distributors, this book is a must-read for leadership, management, practitioners, and consultants looking to grow a competitive distribution eCommerce business.

Justin King, the author, says “We are thrilled to be launching this book – and to do it at B2B Next.” He continues, “This book comes out of a need we’ve seen for a resource that speaks specifically to distributors’ eCommerce challenges. For businesses at all stages of digital development—from green-screen order entry to sophisticated, highly customized eCommerce websites – they need a system in place to meet their customers’ changing demands. After working with over fifty distributors of all sizes, we developed a system called the X eCommerce System, or XES for short. Since launch, this system has transformed how distributors understand and implement their digital business.”

The book includes clear, practical application through case studies of real companies using the XES eCommerce business system in the online B2B market. Brimming with successful eCommerce strategies for distributors, this book will show you how to leverage growth techniques for eCommerce to make your Digital Branch customer-centric, competitive, and thriving.

Andy Hoar, co-founder of B2B Next and author of the book’s foreword, says, “Justin King has written a compelling and systematic framework for any distributor looking to compete in eCommerce.” He continues, “It’s a straightforward, action-focused approach that addresses the complexities and opportunities available in the B2B digital space. Digital newcomers as well as professionals will walk away with an understanding of how they can transform their businesses into world-class digital enterprises.”

The book is available for free digital download and purchase at the website:

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