Top 20 Stories of 2019: #16 BSE’s Tammy Miller Named [...]

Top 20 Stories of 2019: #17 NSi Acquires Bridgeport Fittings

Top 20 Stories of 2019: #18 Hubbell Makes Executive Appointments

Top 20 Stories of 2019: #19 Border States Executive Hires

Will the Proverbial Shoe Drop for Copper?


The ongoing U.S.-China trade dispute continues to force investors to play the wait-and-see game across all markets, including the red metal.

What Recession? Don’t Believe the Hype


Instead of manufacturing your own recession or buying into the hype that one is waiting right around the corner, use good business fundamentals to keep your electrical distributorship on the…

Get A Grip Business Blast: Cut Your Line Card

How big should your line card be? And what should you do when you start to think about adding to it? The guys from Get A Grip On Lighting have…

Supply Concerns Push Copper Higher


Copper prices rose in overnight trading, marking the third straight positive session for the red metal.

Race to the Top


Delivering an outstanding customer experience may be your greatest retention tool.

A Powerful Pairing


Executives from Strategic Pricing Associates (SPA) and Jigsaw discuss their impending merger and how it will benefit distributors.

Copper Update: Supply and Demand, Trade Talks and the Fed


This week, copper is looking to make a comeback after finishing down a tick last week. Investors remain cautious about the overall economy and the demand for copper, despite a…

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