DistributED Podcast: NAED’s Industry Outlook, Vol. 3

Get A Grip Business Blast: Your Social Media

Hats Off to Warehouse Heroes


DistributED Podcast: Connected Peers Program

2020 30 Under 35 Profile: Rick Smith

Rick Smith is the 35-year-old Customer Solutions Manager for Standard Electric Supply Co. When Rick joined Standard in 2013, he had very little experience in the electrical business but quickly…

DistributED Podcast: NAED’s Leadership Development Program

Blaire Barlow is the Director of Marketing for Wholesale Electric Supply and a 2020 graduate of the NAED Leadership Development Program.

Get A Grip Business Blast: Two Kinds of Sales

Are you a value seller or a product seller, and what is the difference?

2020 30 Under 35 Profile: Kevin Tran

Kevin Tran is a 33-year-old Branch Manager for Border States Electric. Kevin is dedicated to hiring individuals who have aspirations of climbing the ladder and spends the time with them…

DistributED Podcast: Leadership Into 2021

Desiree Grace and Andrea Olson talk about the leadership that is needed in 2021.

2020 30 Under 35 Profile: Andrew Ondik

Andrew Ondik is a 33-year-old Manager, Lighting Category at Steiner Electric. He is known within the company for taking the initiative to mentor other associates, without assignment, and is often…

DistributED Podcast: Personal Growth in 2021

Desiree Grace and Andrea Olson discuss continuing your personal and professional growth in the new year.

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