CES Opens New Branch in Town Full of History

By Brooke Williams, City Electric Supply

MANASSAS, Vir. — Manassas, Virginia is a town rich with history—well-known for land that served as a battleground during the Second Battle of Bull Run. This legendary town is exciting new territory for City Electric Supply that will help attract new customers in residential, commercial, and industrial markets.

Branch Manager Wayne Kramer joined the CES team nearly a year ago and immediately began preparation for opening a new branch. Before starting with CES, Kramer worked for a different electrical wholesale company for 15 years and ran three different branches for 10 of those years.

“When I joined CES, I didn’t know what to expect. I was able to attend Orientation in Dallas and had the opportunity to meet others in the company and see where the company was and where it was going,” said Kramer. “I cannot wait to see where I go and how the company grows.”’

Kramer is excited to open a branch in Manassas for many reasons, but especially because of the support he has received from leadership and because of the freedom and opportunities the new branch will provide.

“The best part about working for CES is the freedom to do what is right for our customers, the opportunity to stock the material that will help our customers get their jobs done in a timely manner, and the support from our head office staff to set us up for success.”

During the last year as Kramer was preparing the opening, he and his team began looking for the perfect location to open the branch.

“I worked with my district manager, Sam Morse, to choose the best location. Once we found the location, we worked with the owner and a general contractor to make sure the build out was completed with our customers in mind,” stated Kramer.

The team had the freedom to do what they wanted with the unit as it was unoccupied and had never been used before.

“We set the racks up, ordered materials to fit the needs of any customer, and made sure to set up the showroom and warehouse so that customers would be able to locate what they needed as soon as they walked in.”

With Kramer’s experience, the Manassas team has a combined total of 76 years in the trade industry.

“We specialize in residential, light commercial, and local government business. My team also has knowledge in gear and controls that relate to today’s demand.”

Kramer believes his team is going to be successful because the crew understands customer service.

“We are able to show them everything in the store and anything from our showroom to our warehouse,” said Kramer. “We are always willing and able to help with many products that our competitors are unwilling to help contractors with.”

No day is like any other day at the branch according to Kramer.

“We are a group of people who believe work should be fun and interesting. We make sure our customers enjoy their visits and leave with smiles on their faces. Most importantly, we want to have personal relationships with our customers and help them understand we care.”

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